Wishes, Wants and Needs

Note: I was told that I cannot use "bartering" in this website, therefore, this page is on temporary hold until further notice, while I research this topic. Rest assured that I will find a way to do this thing right. Thankyou for your interest.


This is the place where we will keep an up to date list of the things and services that we need, want or wish for and our personal barter list. By keeping these lists, members and volunteers can read through and contribute solutions, services, equipment, even expert advise.

For those who are not familiar with the barter system, bartering can be a way to pay for some things that you might not have cold, hard cash to pay for. For example; Last winter I traded 2 batches of homemade cinnamon rolls (I do bake a mean cinnamon roll.) for 2 boxes of dry firewood. The firewood was desperately needed and the person who brought it to us in 3 feet of snow got something not found in stores. When you sit down to make a request, make a list of your talents and things that you no longer use or want.

Don't worry if you have a request and feel that you have nothing to offer, ask anyway. If nobody knows what you need then how can you ever get it?  Please have patience it does take time, sometimes lots of it.

If you see something on my list that you need, all you have to do is ask and it is yours.

For the first time request.

  • Email me or fill out the form on the contact page with the following enclosed.
  • Your legal name.
  • Your request, brief and to the point.
  • Your barter list.
  • Include the city you live in and neighborhood name. For example;  I live in Tuolumne, Ponderosa Hills subdivision.
  • You may send one virus free picture of you but it isn't mandatory.
  • Finally write down your email address. (This saves me from keeping yet another window open.)

Note: If you wish to send an image file, you will want to choose the email option: pickychop@frontier.com.




Now for a few don'ts.

  • Do Not! Include your physical address.
  • Do Not! Include your phone number.

And a few do's.

  • Do! Exercise extreme caution when dealing with strangers. At this time I do not have a way to screen volunteers. If it feels wrong then back out and let me know what is going on.
  • Do! Document your experience. Write, take pictures, let us know how it went, good or not so good. Well written articles will be featured on our home page for at least a week or more depending on how many submissions are recieved. Chosen articles will be then moved to an archive section for future reference.


Let us make an effort to not be silly about requests. For instance, I will not list a wish for a million dollars. Neither will I list wishes for soul mates, new bodies or drugs. Save the silly stuff for our message board where it will be tolerated within reason as long as the serious issues are worked on first.


The List!

I wish for reliable, cheap transportation for myself and anyone who needs it! 

 Click on The Van to see what I mean!

I need help with yard work and someone who is skilled at home electrical troubleshooting. For the electrical, I do have a box of replacement outlets and electrical tape. I need someone who can fix a car, and a litte bit split firewood.

 Sharon Jacobson, Tuolumne, Ponderosa Hills. 

Barter List: I can make websites. I bake very good cinnamon rolls from scratch. I can also cook various meals (mostly homestyle, some folks are addicted to my caveman meat marinade). I have a blue painted desk that used to be a vanity in it's first life. 1 baby jumper, 1 wind up baby swing.

First Success! Firewood was dropped off at my house. Thank You Dennis of Valley Springs!

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