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Now I share with you my biggest dream. The main reason that I thought about and planned for months, this website which I now hope becomes bigger and even more useful to anyone who needs it.

The Van came into my thinking first about 3 years ago when my poor Honda caught fire in the doctor's parking lot. I thought to myself that if I had a van I could go pick people up and take them to do the things that they want to do. Not just to doctor's appointments and for groceries but to the park on a sunny day, shopping for the sheer joy of just being out! The possibilities grew in my mind and never quite went away.

I won't go into the process that got me here because it is much too long of a story but it is a kind of "House That Jack Built" thing. I built the website to find the people, to fill the van, to justify the cost and find the funding, to buy the van and keep it running.

My dream is a bit larger then just this but you have to start somewhere and this is it.

One van capable of transporting 3-4 wheelchair bound people and 2 ambulatory people, one driver and one caretaker. Small enough to get into most rural driveways but big enough to make the most of each trip.

I want very much for this to be a free service for those who need it and very low cost for those who can afford to pay a bit.

If you want a service like this in Tuolumne County, I need you to tell me that you want it. Don't just tell me and go away, keep saying you need it, encourage me and those who pledge to help make this dream come true. Stick with it no matter how long it takes.

Below are the two floor plans that I am considering for our van. What do you think?



van floor plans
van floor plan 4 chairs

These vans are made to order by a company called Mobility Works  in the Bay Area. I will not discuss the price right now because we are not a non-profit organization yet  and cannot receive donations as a non-profit.

I do need to collect information which will only be used to prove the need for this service.  Using this information for anything else is strictly forbidden. Thank You!


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