Welcome To Roll Up Tuolumne County

A community for physically impaired citizens, their friends, family and people who care.

Have you ever felt like your needs aren't being met?

Do you feel isolated, stuck in a rut?

Are you wasting your natural talents because you haven't been given a chance?

Have you ever been upset because accessability isn't what it should be in businesses and offices?

Are you looking for practical resources?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or want to know why anyone could feel this way then you have come to the right place.

Someone once told me: One person talking, is only heard by those who care to listen but will not risk action in case it might be unpopular. A group of people talking, will be heard more then the one. A community talking has the potential to make wonderous changes, not only for themselves but for unlimited others.

Now I get to do the "Uncle Sam" thing (although I will spare you the tacky cartoon image) when I say, "I Want You!"

Join in the conversation. Help others solve their unique issues. Contribute articles. Get yourself on the list of wishes and needs or volunteer your talents. Get crazy and do all those things and more. It is my hope to eventually become a viable non-profit organisation and guess who will get priority employment when that time comes?

If you are not a resident of Tuolumne County, you may still join and contribute.  All human beings with decent manners will be welcomed with open arms.






feeding the giraffes at the zoo
Click here for directions to make a pokey stick of your own!

Featured Articles


Make this useful tool that I like to call The Pokey Stick 2000! You will love it as much as I do. Just click the picture or hit the Do It! link.

Read about my dream... The Van!  Learn what you can do to help make that dream come true and no I don't want money.

Accessability report on the Sacremento Zoo!

Join us on the Parenting page where we will discuss the challenge of ability parenting.

Check back often for updates!







While browsing the Thesaurus, looking for a name for us I came across the words Roll Up. The synonyms being, amass, collect, accumulate and gather. That is exactly what I wish to do. Gather together the physically impaired people of Tuolumne County, find out needs and then work together and with the community at large to provide our own services, and maybe make a lot of new friends and future co-workers.


Our mission is to listen to each other, to work together to find ways to provide the services that are needed. Working actively in the community to educate others and ourselves.


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