Be on the Board of Directors!

Put quite simply, I need help!

The first Board will be selected by me. Mostly because I am starting this by myself. After the Board is selected and each member is oriented, all other Board members and their assistants will be interviewed by the Board and appointed by popular vote of the Board.

Obviously, you will not receive any compensation except for the feelings of accomplishment and being needed at this point. If we become either a viable non-profit organization or a business, (I prefer the former) then the Board members will be the first considered for a salaried position at which time their titles may be changed to facilitate more responsibility.

Anyone is welcome to apply. I do hope that a majority will be either physically impaired or closely related to a physically impaired person, for the empathy factor. You must be willing and able to spend some regular time at your appointment and also to keep good records and in close contact with me. Eventually you will attend regular meetings. That said, I invite you to read through the list, choose the Directorship you feel you will do best at and send me a message telling me about yourself, your talents and a brief statement about why you want to be involved. You may email me at pickychop@frontier.com or use the handy form on the contact page.


  1. Financial Research (Treasurer): Will be responsible for researching ways to become a non-profit organization vs a business.  Digging through reams of information and reporting on anything that will be helpful to us.  Once we are viable, you will keep constant observation of grant lists and oversee all fundraising events.
  2. Organizer of Volunteers: Will be responsible for matching volunteers with the people who need the services, keeping detailed records of both members and volunteers. You will also create and send, letters of gratitude to email and organize experience reports for addition to our website.
  3. Promotions Manager: Will be responsible for contacting other organizations and distributing fliers inviting others to join us. You will also more then likely, be attending certain community meetings with me and possibly the occasional county Board of Supervisors meeting. Responsibilities include website promotion, checking with the search engine listings and politely inviting other related websites to trade links with. Weekly reports to me will be expected and I will teach you about search engine listings if you need it.
  4. My Assistant (Vise President) : Will work with me directly, bringing issues to my attention. Stand in my place when I am unavailable. Keep in contact with the other Directors and  keep copies of all documents and records in an efficient manner. You must be willing to learn how to update this website and edit, monitor and participate in all service areas. In short you will be my right hand partner, you will attend community meetings with me and give input and recommendations. I want someone who is good with people, even tempered and well organized.
  5. O.P. Of Social Mediums (O.P. = Online Presence) : Will oversee the chat room, facebook and any other social site or message board service we become a member of. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Working with me to write a reasonable Terms of Service, warning and banning those who are acting inappropriately. Scanning posts and conversations for issues that the website and or group can give voice to or address in other ways and keeping records of population and usage. You will also research and recommend the addition and or removal of programs.






 Help Others!

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. If you wish to help, read through the site especially in the forum. In the beginning there won't be a lot there but keep checking back. I have great faith that in time there will be a lot of activity and a lot of need. Everyone has different talents and knowledge and we will need all sincere people.

If you find a need you can fulfill or wish to barter services with someone, send me an email at pickychop@frontier.com or fill out the form on below. Your offer will be forwarded to the person whom you wish to help and that person will contact you so be sure to include your email address in the content.

Thank You in advance for your interest!

Volunteer Form

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