Testing the Swivel Store

Testing The Swivel Store

 I am constantly looking for ways to avoid asking for help so when I saw this Swivel Store in Ross, I thought that I would try it out to see if I would be able to gain some access to at least a few of my spices and herbs and perhaps get some resemblance of organization up in there while I was at it.

My plan in the beginning, was to set it up on the counter for easy access but when I got it out of the box, I found that it was made of a thin plastic that was not very heavy weight and the first thing it did when I was trying to load it was... Tip over. 

Onward to plan B. The bottom shelf of the seasoning cupboard. Problem number one, it was taller then the space on the bottom shelf. Solution: Get someone to remove everything from the first 2 shelves and re-position the second shelf, higher. Holey moley! What a mess! It just barely fit in there, but fit it did!

With plan B in operation, it was time to load it up.  As you can see in the picture, it only fits the small bottles of herbs and spices. We tried to stack some of the stubby spices but quickly found that the top one would fall off when the swiveling was in operation. I will now have to keep in mind, the size of the jars of herbs and spices that I buy if I want them to fit into this thing.

The best parts are that I can reach the spices on the bottom rows, which is more then I could do before and the cupboard does look much better.  The top rows though, pretty much count on asking for help.  If you asked me if I would buy it now, knowing the pros and cons of it. Probably yes. I like being able to get down my own pepper grinder and the other favorites that I have on the reachable part. If I could change anything about it, I would have to say, make it sturdier!

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