Dear Mr./Ms. President, Governor, Senator, Representative, ect.

I feel the government, in it's scramble to balance the budget is not hearing us. Perhaps it is because we are so busy trying to survive that not enough voices are heard. Then again maybe we have made it too easy for them to regularly "trim off the fat" of our services. Ponder this a moment. You have food for one animal, a mouse (us) and a lion (the rich & powerful). Who do you feed? The answer is the one that can hurt you the most.

I can hear you saying, "Well sheesh Sharon, I know that, but we are helpless, wondering what we will eat at the end of the month and if we will have enough teeth left to eat it with not to mention the medicines we need and can no longer pay for." Hang with me a bit longer.

When I was small sitting on the floor watching television, I remember a cartoon mouse who roared like a lion and scared the cat away.

It is easy for the government to cut our funds on paper because they do not see the people, they see only numbers and those numbers represent people who cannot fund their election campaigns. You will not see someone on SSI attending a fundraising ball at thousands of dollars a ticket.

It is time for us mice to Roar Like Lions! We must let them know that we are human beings and deserve to be treated as such. It is imperative that we let them know the consequences of their actions.

Write letters, lots of letters! Send them out to any government official that you can find an address to. Send me one and I will publish it here. When I have enough, the link will be sent to every governmental email address that I can find! I will also print them all out when I find a way to go to Sacremento to meet with our representative.

What are you waiting for?


Or fill out the form right over there.

To Whom It May Concern,

Attn: All officials who work on or approve the governmental budget.

I am a physically impaired, born in the U.S.A. citizen, living in rural Northern California. There are no jobs for people in wheelchairs here and no public transportation to where I live. This makes the possibilities very slim to make my income better, therefore I must exist on the services of the government. 

Over the last few years, the increasing cuts on services have taken a tole. I have lost 2 teeth because I didn't have the money to buy crowns that the medi-cal dentist figured he could get paid to replace every 3 years, my glasses need to be replaced but will not be for the same reason I cannot smile for pictures anymore. Below I am showing you where my money goes. Please take the time to do the math for yourself, then ask yourself if you want someone you love living like this.

My Budget:

Housing:                                         500.00

Trash:                                               40.00

Electric:                                          100.00

Telephone:                                       20.00

Insurance:                                         40.00

Internet:                                             50.00

Transportation:                                 90.00

The above list of expenditures totals -$750.00 not counting transportation which is the cost of one round trip taxi fare plus expected tip.

I recieve $840.00 a month SSI and Medi-Care, no in home services, no foodstamps or whatever they call it now. Notice I did not even budget food into it.

As a loyal American who's vote is supposed to count, I ask you to please help us live better!


Sharon Jacobson

October 2011

Tuolumne, California




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