Things To Do With Pipe Insulation



Cushioned Armrest

It seems like the first thing that breaks on a wheelchair is the armrest. My current chair only has one and this one lost both. I thought of this in a moment of frustration after trying to bandage my elbow, rather unsuccessfully, to try and relieve the soreness from bashing it on that bare metal rod.  I tried it and it worked so well that I taped some on the existing rest and found relief there also. Pipe insulation is cheap and easy to find. I got a bag of them for about $4.00 a couple of years ago and I still have some to play with.



Pipe Insulation


Duct Tape (I like the new colored tape)


Step 1:

Determine how long you want your cushion. Because pipe insulation is so lightweight, I just stuck the whole thing on the tubing and marked the length then cut 2 the same because this chair is missing both arm rests and I still use the chair every day.


Step 2:

Pipe Insulation comes with it's own stickum strip that is pretty darn sticky, put the insulation onto the tubing, then pull off the yellow protective stuff and press the two sides together. (Make sure this seam is on the underside of the tubing)  Cut 3 pieces of tape, about 6 inches long. Place tape about 1/4 of an inch over the edge of the insulation. Wrap tightly and tuck the 1/4 inch edge over the end. Repeat with the other edge. Wrap 3rd piece of tape around the middle tightly.


Step 3:

Cut a piece of tape long enough to cover all the insulation on the top side and press it down good.


Step 4:

Cut and wrap enough tape to entirely cover the insulation and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


I have found that I have to add tape occasionally with use.  Heat does cause it to wear faster, I think my upstairs chair must have at least 4 layers of tape, some because of wear and tear and some because I wanted it to look differently.



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