Big Dreams Universally Accessible Parks and Playgrounds

Family Fun Day at Tuolumne Park

picture of the entrance to fun day with flags and row of game booths

 Those of you who know me, also know I can talk the ears off an elephant when it comes to the subject of accessibility in Tuolumne County so when I found out about this organisation, Big Dreams Universally Accessible Parks & Playgrounds.  I just had to see what it was all about and perhaps even help if I can. The family and I marked the calender to attend their first fund raiser, Family Fun Day and by george, we made it!

Before I tell you about our fun, Family Fun day, let me tell you a bit more about this organization by quoting directly from their brochure. "Universally accessible parks & playgrounds break down the barriers that restrict children and adults with all types of disabilities by creating a space that is both physically accessible and structurally inclusive." That one sentence, pretty much says it all.  There is a lot more to say on the subject but I shall reserve that for another page in the future since this one is about the Family Fun Day and I am on a mission to "git er done!"

We were fortunate to get to the event early enough to get one of the few disabled parking spots so I was happy that I didn't have to "hoof" it around to the only wheelchair access to the park which also was the entrance to the fun and it was fun!

My grand son brushing Bullet the pony.

 Following my 4 year old grand son's lead, our first stop was to visit Bullet the pony where Pickles learned how to brush him. I was very impressed with how gentle and calm he was even with many children petting him. Bullet is owned by HeadWinds, visit their facebook page here. After that we were everywhere all at once!

playing games

 Pickles threw bean bags, hula hoops and water soaked balls, he climbed and rolled through a soft and squishy obstacle course... at least 4 times on the latter. He and his brother, we call Hootie spent a long time at the water tables. There was lots to do for the little ones!

picture of animal croquet

 The animal croquet game, offered by the Christian School was charming!

picture of the row of booths on the left side

A small portion of the many booths/ games and information offered.

boy with painted face

It isn't often that Mommy lets him walk around with paint on his face! 

picture of cotton candy and the main booth

 The main attraction... Cotton Candy! At least for Pickles that is.

picture of the president explaining the plans for the all inclusive, accessible playground

 And my main attraction. Plans for the new all inclusive playground! How exciting this is! A playground without sand and bark and bumps to ground wheelchairs, drag down walking equipment and trip the unsteady on their feet. It is much more then just mobility impaired accessibility, it offers different textures to feel, beautiful large chimes to make "music" with and quiet areas for those who need to get away from all the input. I know I have probably missed quite a few features but with any luck, you will be hearing much more from me in the near future on this organisation, their efforts and triumphs! Now to finish I'm giving you a big ole link to their facebook group so you can join in this most worthwhile effort.

Big Dreams Universally Accessible Parks & Playgrounds

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