Today I break from the norm. Because I can.

I wish to discuss the age old question. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Look at it this way, a woodchuck is about the size of a healthy beaver and beavers while they can chew wood, have never been known to chuck it. Simply put, beavers do not have the upper body strength to actually chuck wood but do woodchucks? I think if they do chuck wood, it must be very small wood, which brings up another question then. Why? I mean it's pretty pointless unless it is some kind of obsessive woodchuck game and if it is a game it can't be very much fun.  In much younger days. I would chuck wood on to the truck, then off again. Chuck wood over to the log splitter, then into the split pile... I do not miss those days, chuckin wood might give you some awesome muscles, but it is not fun. Back to the woodchuck there is another thing to think about. If a woodchuck is called a woodchuck because it chucks wood then shouldnt a beaver be called a woodchewer? One last thought on the subject. How in the heck can you measure how much wood a woodchuck can chuck? It isn't like they stack wood into neatly lined cords. After all then we would have to call them woodstackers instead. In conclusion to the origional question of how much wood? I have to say... not much wood can a woodchuck chuck cause this writter's brain is stuck.

What's for dinner? Meatloaf, mac-n-cheese and corn

Don't worry the next entry will be back to serious.