On this subject... First to mind comes... YUCK!  Second, if there is any way possible, get someone else to do it.

If I didn't lose you in the opening statement then you are ready to try it for yourself so it's "on like Donkey Kong!" (That sure was a fun game back in the days of Super Nintendo.")  Anyhow let us talk a bit about supplies.

The Sponge Mop is your friend: Notice that when I talked about doing the floors last time, I didn't tell you to cut down the handle of your floor mop. The reason for this is for reach ability.  With a new mop head, some spray cleaner and plenty of warm rinse water, you can pretty much, mop your walls! Before you start though a word about... Safety.

Always wear Safety Goggles: When mopping your walls you can pretty much count on getting splashed, dripped on and generally immersed in grunge. You can find safety goggles for a decent price at Walmart, sometimes the dollar store sells them and all of the hardware stores keep them in stock. It is important to note that you want the goggles not glasses. Goggles have a barrier around the entire eye and will protect against most splashes and drippy, droppings. A hat will keep cleaning solutions out of your hair and prevent possible chemical irritations of your scalp.

 Now that is out of the way, it's time for the actual work. Starting at the top of the wall, (or as high as you can reach) get your mop wet in clean water and squeeze it out as dry as you can, then spray the mop head with the cleaner of your choice. I use Mean Green because it works well and I can get a quart of it at Walmart for around $3.00. Working from top to bottom will keep the "clean runs" from becoming permanent stains and makes it easier to do the wall in sections which will be less noticeable if you are like me and take more then one day to clean a larger wall. Remember there is no law that says if you start a job there is a time limit.

Windows on the other hand...  I like to do the parts of a window that I can reach in the traditional way... With hands, window spray and soft cloth that is. It's really hard to eliminate streaking with the mop method but you can get them a bunch cleaner by mopping the part you can't reach, then take a chamois (the kind you dry a car with) and pinning it around your mop head to dry up the water and try for a shine.  If you can, get a long handled window squeegie, you can skip the mop deal although having the chamois covered mop on hand you can use it to buff out the little lines that it can make and dry around the edges where it can't reach. 

 Now that those chores are done, pat yourself on the back and go out to enjoy this beautiful Spring weather, even if it means sitting on the deck or in the yard.

Whats for Dinner? Cheese omelets, little sausages and biscuits with butter n jam!