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Dusting Off The Workshop

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Thursday, November 10, 2011, In : Holidays 
I am fortunate to have enough room for a workshop. One corner is devoted to making soap, one for long running restoration projects and one corner is for whatever craft or project that suits my fancy at the moment.  I can hear you saying, "Wait a second... Rooms usually have four corners... huh?" Well the fourth corner is unfortunately the never ending project of laundry, both dirty and clean.

Why am I sharing my workshop with you?  Actually there are two really good reasons for this post.

The f...
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Jury Duty and Dealing With the Court System

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, In : Accessibility Issues 

The Tuolumne County Courthouse is a historical landmark, I think it would be very odd going through town if it wasn't there. It was also built a long time ago. I say a long time because I have no urge to be accurate on it's age, that isn't the point I wish to dwell on. What I wish to talk about is it's unacceptable inaccessibility. Yes I know others have talked about it which is why there is a lot of quote, "politically loaded questions".  There are plans on the table to build a new Law Cente...

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About Me

Sharon Jacobson I have kids, grandkids, a dog and a cat. I am also a mobility impaired person who happens to use a wheelchair to get around.

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