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Kitchen Conundrums

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Friday, November 18, 2011, In : Accessibility Issues 
My kitchen is the hub of our home. It is the place where everyone gathers anytime a good smell is either comming from, or about to come from it. My kitchen is also not suited to my abilities, and renovation is so expensive that it is out of the question, it is my responsibility to figure out ways to work in it safely, not only for myself but also the 2 year old "helper" under wheels.

Plan ahead is always the beginning of any of my cooking projects, I ask someone to reach down any ingredients t...
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Waiting Rooms, Barely Accessible.

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Friday, October 14, 2011, In : Accessibility Issues 
I've been in a fair amount of waiting rooms since I started using a chair full time and frankly, I am amazed at the lack of forethought that goes into the planning of them. You would think that in a doctor's office of all places, it would be totally ADA compliant but I find most of them hitting the just barely compliant mark at least in my books.
Doctors and Sonora Community owned clinics listen up!  (also the Social Services office)
Those lovely privacy cubicles that you have up are a great i...
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About Me

Sharon Jacobson I have kids, grandkids, a dog and a cat. I am also a mobility impaired person who happens to use a wheelchair to get around.

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