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Walmart Field Trip

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Tuesday, October 25, 2011, In : Shopping 
Part of Living Life, is shopping and I decided to write about the places that I shop, here in Living Life because of that simple fact.  Also it is a good thing to be able to see how easy or hard it is to shop in certain businesses and with a record, someday anyone can check before shopping, whether or not it is worth the trip.

Anyhow, I went to Walmart on sunday, therefore it is the first business that I shall talk about.  I like Walmart, mostly because I can get cheap laundry soap and toilet ...
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Have A Seat?

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Wednesday, October 12, 2011, In : Accessibility Issues 
The first time a receptionist told me that whilst I was sitting in my chair, I laughed, quite hard actually. Much later I realised that statement is just a conditioned remark. She was just seeing another patient not a person and that is the statement she had uncontiously repeated hundreds of times a day. Thing is what do you say if you are a receptionist to someone that brings their own seating? I was recently asked just that question by a receptionist at a clinic in Modesto. Before I tell yo...
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About Me

Sharon Jacobson I have kids, grandkids, a dog and a cat. I am also a mobility impaired person who happens to use a wheelchair to get around.

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