Last night, I completed the item on my summer bucket list, "Speak to one group about this website".  To be honest, I already knew that I would be speaking. By writing it down, I pretty much sealed my escape hatches as I have always believed myself to be a "stay in the background" type of person and certainly not someone who could actually speak and be heard.  I went to this year's Parent Leadership Academy class and spoke to them about this website and giving back to the community or being a part of the community and some issues that the physically impaired citizens of Tuolumne County face on a daily basis. They are a wonderful group and made me feel right at home. About myself, I found out that I can speak, all I need to do is let my passion for what I am doing here, talk for me.

Now it's your turn!  Your challenge is do something you have never done before. Extra brownie points will be lavishly awarded to those who take at least one step outside of their comfort zones. When you complete this challenge, Come back and tell me all about it! Post it on the message board or send me an email. I would love to hear what you've accomplished and the best stories will be seriously considered for a featured article.  By the way, this challenge is for EVERYONE! I don't care if you're old or young, able bodied or physically impaired. I don't even care if what you tried to do, didn't work out the way you thought it should. What I want to see is people getting out there and Living Life!

Next article planned is for Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Black Chair or Help! My Rear is Chafing! So stay tuned!

Whats for dinner? Burritos, rice and salad... Did you know? For the price of a package of frozen burritos, you can make twice as many from scratch and get rid of some leftover meat? Just wrap and freeze what you don't eat for a later time.