An issue that has long been on my brain is the parking situation for legally permitted vehicles, transporting physically impaired people.  As I wrote in the previous issue, there seems to be a lot of blatant disregard from both those who're  using disabled parking spots, without permits and those who are responsible for making sure those spots are used by those who really need them.

Here is a little challenge for you to prove my case in point. On a rainy day, go cruising the disabled parking spaces in any business oriented parking lot, take note of those displaying proper permits that are dated between 2012 and 2014 vs vehicles with no permit (or some relative's expired permit).  What you find out will make you think.

Briefly, the truth is, the only people who care about this issue is, US because we are the only ones affected by it. I have never seen a non-permitted vehicle, parked in disabled parking, either towed or ticketed in Tuolumne County. Have you?

Another truth. The issue of who is responsible for enforcing ADA parking space laws, is one giant, buck passing joke. One point being that most parking lots are private property and therefore the responsibility of the individual parking lot owners, who think that their obligation ends with a couple of signs and some blue paint.  Law enforcement, (all 3 branches) is already strained, trying to take care of the general population's public safety, have no time to take on this issue, which at times, can and does threaten our public safety, but face it, right now we are a very tiny minority, with an even smaller voice.

Let us start here with letters to the editor in our lovely local newspaper.   Write how you feel about this issue and let us see if we can get a couple of us printed to begin some public awareness. It is time to open a few eyes around here. Next issue, I will have a new bit of homework for you, until then, stay safe!

Whats for Dinner?  I think it is left over taco casserole, which was once taco pig out night, salad and tortillas.