Every year around this time, my thoughts turn to the smell of roasting turkey and baking pumpkin pies and the delegation of cooking chores. Delegation does take a bit of planning in order for things to go smoothly and that is why I am discussing them now.  I usually start the process of seeing who is doing what on Halloween.

I love having the Thanksgiving feast. What I don't love is being too exhausted to enjoy it so over the last several years, I have learned to put my trust in my loved ones. They are capable of contributing to the feast and in fact I know some of them even enjoy being part of the great munching.

For years I did everything and it was hard to admit that I was getting worn out doing the whole thing but after a few trial and errors things are going pretty good in the delegation feast. I make the stuffing then someone is delegated to lug the turkey around and stuff it in the oven and then yank it out when it is done. My oldest daughter likes to make the green bean casserole. Daughter number two usually brings the dinner rolls and is in charge of the cranberry punch. Daughter number three has perfected my pumpkin pie recipe and the cheesey ranch golden mashed potatoes and the youngest usually volunteers to make the apple salad. I make the gravey and my future son-in-law hacks up the bird.

I have yet to discover the key of delegating the cleanup process past the leftovers. Yes I usually end up with mountains of dirty dishes, pots and pans but it is a small price to pay for a house full of people that I love and are thankfull for and a belly full of yummy roasted turkey...  Even better leftover turkey sandwitches!   mmmMMM! I'm getting hungry already.

Whats for dinner?  Hot roast beef sandwitches salad and spinach *A good small roast beef on sale can be a cheaper meal then hamburger because the leftovers can be used in a lot of different dishes... we just happen to love au jus.