Everyone feels left behind at one time or another, it doesn't matter if you are physically impaired or not. It is different when you are left behind because your mobility equipment is too much trouble or too bulky to fit somewhere. I know this feeling even though I understand in most cases the necessity, it still bothers me on occasion.

We are fortunate to live in an area that is rich in history. That history is also an exception to the ADA laws and unfortunately, those of us using wheels cannot gain access to many buildings and attractions. I stop here to give Columbia State Park kudos for the improvements over the last year or two, I love that place and although there are still some places that a chair just cannot access, the Candy Kitchen and the woodshop next door both have portable ramps and the ramps that were installed to the boardwalks are great but I digress.

What I was talking about was being "parked" on a sidewalk or street because the person I'm with, needs to go into one shop or another that just isn't practical for me to even try to get into or being left at home because of one excuse or another. I remember one time thinking that now I know how someone's dog feels that was brought along and tied to a parking meter whilst the owner goes shopping.

These are things that are out of any kind of control so the question then becomes. How do I deal with these feelings without making others suffer for our own pain?  There is no easy answer to tell the truth. If I am going somewhere that I know from experience that I am going to be left occasionally, I bring my camera and a book. I have found that keeping my brain busy will keep me from feeling sorry for myself and keep others from asking me if I need some kind of help. I have taken some very cool photos whilst left behind and read quite a few books. Left home... well these things and hobbies keep me busy, not to mention dirty dishes, laundry and my grandson, Picky. It also helps to talk to someone who understands and will listen which is why I put up the message board. Please feel free to post on it, I am emailed when a post is submitted and will check in soon as I can.

Whats for dinner?  Left over spaghetti and roast beef sandwitches w/ AuJus  mmmMMM and probly green beans