Over the winter months this year, I managed to not only catch every bug that came into the house, I also experienced some physical setbacks. As a consequence, I was confined to my home for a pretty good chunk of time and although I was not happy being so isolated, I got used to being stuck this way.  When you are by yourself for long periods of time, your mind has a way of making you feel useless, unworthy of being in society and just downright helpless. For a short time I even wondered why I am alive which is downright silly because I know why I am alive and why I am here writing this post and developing this website. I was born to be the person that I am, but I digress.

My point is, I got so used to being stuck at home that I got stuck in my head  too. When one of my daughters, whom I hadn't been out with in a long time, offered to take me shopping last week, my mind automatically started looking for reasons why I couldn't go. I couldn't find a good reason and my mind told me that the odds were good that she would either cancel at the last min. or forget, so I said yes and didn't think about it anymore. The day came and so did she and we went shopping for a few hours. I got some nice little Easter gifts for my family and a Big Mac. I felt like a kid on a school field trip!

Then... The daughter that lives with me, surprised me with tickets to go see Titanic in 3D at the Jackson Cinema. This one I had trouble wrapping my mind around. It had been 3 years since I'd been to the movies at all, mostly because it is really hard to find a sitter for a lively toddler when you want to take that toddler's main sitter out (that is me ya know).  It is a pretty decent drive from my house to Jackson and my mind started coming up with tons of excuses as to why I couldn't go. To make a long story, short, I did go and I did recite out loud my most favorite lines of the movie... "Oh Jack! I'm flying!" and "Oh Jack... I promise I'll NEVER LET GO!" and I ate some greasy popcorn, drank some awful soda... And I had a most WONDERFUL day!  I am very glad that I didn't let my mind win the "Excuses To Stay Isolated" argument, so while I am on the subject, I'll just list out some of my mind's favorite excuses to stay isolated so you can see just how silly they are.

My Mind's 5 Most Silly Excuses To Stay Isolated

1. It Will Hurt:  Well if you suffer from pain issues like I do... Yes it will hurt... The thing is it hurts all the time and if you wait for a pain free day, you will never go anywhere and quite frankly, at least for me, It is easier to put the pain in the background if I am doing something then sitting home.  

2. It Is Too Much Trouble: First trust the person who asks you to go somewhere that they know about the lifting and loading of equipment and/or you and they wouldn't ask if they didn't want to do it. Second if they want to give your chair a push... give your arms a break and let them. And third, it takes more effort to come up with a decent excuse when you don't really have one.

3. It Will Make Me Tired: Well yes that is a possibility and more likely a probability but this is a good tiredness. I went with my daughter, the day before yesterday, spent yesterday still feeling pretty worn out, today I'm back to normal for me and if you were to ask me if it was worth it, I would say YES!

4. People Will Stare: They might... So What? You are going somewhere for your own pleasure, because you deserve to be out and about and experience as much as life has to offer. Enjoy yourself, be pleasant, answer questions that aren't too personal and ignore those who's parents never taught them acceptance.

5. I Might Have A Medical Problem: Once again, if you're going to have a medical problem, it will happen wherever you are, home or out. I take a bag with me whenever I go out with all my medications and insurance information plus a change of clothing, camera and extra batteries. You can also research online, the closest medical facilities so there won't be any confusion in an emergency. 

And so continues the journey of life... Fight those feeble mind games and until we meet again and forever after... 

 Just Say Yes!

Whats For Dinner?  Leftover Easter Ham, broccoli and deviled Easter Eggs!