The hot weather of summer brings up new issues of making yourself as comfortable as you can so that you can enjoy some fun in the sun and the shade. Remembering my first summer in a chair, brings back some pretty extreme discomfort. That hot, black, non-breathable material that the seat of my chair is made of made any skin surface in contact with it, sweat and then chafe, not to mention sticking clothing to me as if I had sprayed my body with glue before dressing. With all that sweating and gluing and chafing, I soon had skin issues... I am putting that mildly because it wasn't pretty. The point being here is even if you have no feeling in the areas where body meets chair, it is important to take care of your skin. That said, I am going to share how I take care of things.

#1 On my list is: Terrycloth! I like to use terrycloth because it absorbs moisture ie, sweat. My chair seat is small enough that I can lay a thick hand towel down before sitting. (I also use this when it rains because I don't like sitting on a damp seat ) If your seat is larger, try a bath towel or check Walmart fabric remnants for a piece of terrycloth that will fit.

#2 Is Treat Your Skin! Naturally you'll want to keep your skin as clean as possible. Anti-chafing treatments are a matter of personal preference. I generally use baby powder on all areas that are prone to chafing, just make sure your skin is nice and dry before application. If your skin is sensitive to perfumes or talc, or you're broke, corn starch  works really well. Recently I saw an advertisement for an anti-chafing lotion, I imagine that it is more than likely kind of expensive, but I have it on my list to at least seek it out and look at it, the next time I go to a store that might stock it. Mild chafing can be treated with A&D ointment... Yeah I know, it's commonly sold as diaper rash ointment... Read the label, you'll see. If you're really having problems with chafing issues or you begin to have wounds that are raw or leaking fluid, go to your doctor! He/she's bored in the summer anyhow since most of the germs have moved to cooler climes, they have nothing better to do then patch up the occasional summertime injury.  ;-)

#3 Take a Break! When it is possible, try to take regular breaks from sitting in that chair, allow a little air to circulate.

#4 Comfortable Clothing! Wear lightweight, breathable clothing. Go for items that are soft and a little loose, the softer the better. I prefer cotton, a cotton blend  or hemp. No denim! Yep I do know real denim is 100% cotton take my word, it will find a place to chafe! A rule of thumb, rub it on your cheek, if it feels soft there, then the chances are good the material will be comfortable for you.

That concludes the Hot Butts issue! Next I'll discuss ways to keep cool when things go triple digits.

Whats for dinner? Turkey, corn on the cob and beet salad.  Farmer's markets are open! The veggies are yummy and if you shop carefully, you can get a great deal!