The first time a receptionist told me that whilst I was sitting in my chair, I laughed, quite hard actually. Much later I realised that statement is just a conditioned remark. She was just seeing another patient not a person and that is the statement she had uncontiously repeated hundreds of times a day. Thing is what do you say if you are a receptionist to someone that brings their own seating? I was recently asked just that question by a receptionist at a clinic in Modesto. Before I tell you what I told her, let me commend her for caring enough to ask me. After all how are folks to learn if we don't teach them?  That said, I told her, "Well you could say, Just park your asscot over there in the waiting room. Or just find a place to park. Or you could say, Find a place in the waiting room and the doctor will see you shortly."  How easy is that? Change the "Have A Seat" to "Find A Place".  Works for both ambulatory people and us! Receptionists Everywhere! Listen and Learn!
Which brings to mind a future entry which will be titled, Waiting Rooms Not Wheel Worthy... I think anyhow.

Today will be spent coding by hand all these forms that don't work and planning some new Getting Through The Holidays pages.
Whats for Dinner?
Spaghetti made from almost scratch, (I still use canned tomato products) Brussel Sprouts, braised in dijon and broth, carmelised with garlic and balslamic vinigar and low fat cottage cheese.