I do not make a very big deal out of New Year celebrating. We will have an extra nice dinner, but not a feast after all of the rich, fatty foods of the season and the energy expended to make it all. New Years is a kind of winding down holiday for me. The children had their Santa visit and after days of preparing for it and some cleaning up after, I keep things simple and low key after all someone has to pack up all those Christmas decorations and nag someone to put them in storage but that will not be on New Years day. This day is for being a "couch tater", for thanking the "powers that be" for surviving another year and holiday season and best of all it is a day when banks and most businesses are closed so no money spending.

New Years resolutions are also on my "not doing it" list, mostly because I can resolve to do something anytime I want to and I don't need a special holiday for that. Just for chucks, I will share some of what is always on my list. First is always to maintain and improve my relationship with my family. Second of importance is to learn. There is never a shortage of things to learn, it boggles the mind to concider it from learning from my mistakes to just about anything you can think of. Last but certainly not least, (and probably the hardest for me) is taking chances. By this I mean trying out new things that come your way, even if you never concidered going in that direction before. I will be doing just that because the Parent Leadership Accademy has opened some doors. First will be attending the Family Advisory Council of Tuolumne County meetings, I have been to two of them and so far think that I might have a place there, FATC meetings are open to the public, if you want to go to one, email me at pickychop@frontier.com and I will let you know when and where the next meeting will be. The other I'll mention at a later date after I've actually been to a meeting or two, I'll just say that it could have benefit to the community.

On that note, I am going to call this entry, good and go make myself a nice hot cup-o-tea. Happy New Year to all!

Whats for dinner? Deviled ham sandwiches, cottage cheese and vedgie soup... Oh so many things to do with left-over ham.