Halloween is on monday and if there are children in your life, it is time to celebrate! In order to do this, I focus on the things that I can do rather then the things I can't. For instance, I can't go on the trick or treating run, but I can make the annual freaky feast of Blood-N-Guts, (spaghetti with a super thick meat sauce) Garlic Bones (bread sticks formed from either ready made dough or from my bread machine) and rotten teeth (whole kernel corn, half dyed green, and mixed together after heating). Encouraging imagination and helping with costumes is also within my range of abilities.

I can and will carve a pumpkin, making sure it is of a size that I can reasonably handle. I find it easiest to lay a big towel on my lap then the pumpkin. A cordless drill makes very good round holes for design and also as an insertion point for your carving tools.

Back to the subject of costumes... If you want to dress up don't let adaptive aides stop you. On my list of costumes for wheelchair is... Rollar Skate, Shopping Cart, Monster Truck, Hay Wagon and Trash Truck.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Whats for dinner?  Baked Potatoes with chilli and cheese on top.