I only have a couple more things to say about creative cleaning and that will finish the Spring Cleaning series so we can go on to... Living Life in the Summer! Which will hopefully be quite a bit more fun.  So let's get down to business because I can't wait to do some summer living and perhaps even check off a few items from that summer bucket list.

First: Cobwebs and Dust Bunnies: For these messy critters, I have a extendable handled duster... It looks like a really big, blue Q-tip. With it I can reach ceilings, dust off the tops of the ceiling fans and beat the juice out of spider webs. One warning. Keep your mouth shut and also the neck of your shirt because once you feel those little spider feeties crawling down your back, you'll feel them crawling for hours even if there aren't any actually on you looking for revenge because you wrecked their happy homes. The mouth thing is just because you don't really want a sample of spider's dinner dropping in there. You can also use this duster to grab dust bunnies out from under things like beds and the bottom bookshelf... Oh yeah! You can also use it for actual dusting though it is a mite awkward for dusting small and or fragile items.

And second: The Tub: It is very important to keep the tub clean to prevent unnecessary skin infections  both fungal and bacterial.  The tub is one of the hardest things to get clean by yourself but you can do it.  To save major cleanings, I like to wipe down the tub ring while I am on my way out of it from my bath, using a rag and some window cleaner, rinsing it off with the draining bath water. To do a bigger cleaning, I recommend putting 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and about 5 drops of dish soap in a squirt bottle, get a box of baking soda and a cheap, never ever used in a toilet, toilet brush.  Spray the solution on a section of the tub, sprinkle the baking soda, watch it foam! Then scrub it with the toilet brush and rinse! Don't worry if you can't rinse all traces of the baking soda off, it's pretty good for your skin!

One last word of advice: Don't sweat the small stuff!  A fact of life for everyone is sometimes there is something that you do not have the capability to do. Focus instead on the things that you can do and take pride in that, for instance I will never be able to train an elephant, but I can keep my house reasonably clean!

Whats for dinner? I don't know! It is not my turn to cook tonight! ;-)