I am fortunate to have enough room for a workshop. One corner is devoted to making soap, one for long running restoration projects and one corner is for whatever craft or project that suits my fancy at the moment.  I can hear you saying, "Wait a second... Rooms usually have four corners... huh?" Well the fourth corner is unfortunately the never ending project of laundry, both dirty and clean.

Why am I sharing my workshop with you?  Actually there are two really good reasons for this post.

The first and most important is that it is the place where I take my inner "Pity Parties".  I had a doctor once (for reference, I shall call her Dr. Killjoy) who insisted that I take anti-depressants, she told me that I HAD to be depressed for losing mobility and dealing with pain issues. She actually refused to sign my parking placard application unless I agreed to take that medication. Want to know who won?  I am still here and she moved somewhere else to practice and I don't take that kind of medication at all. What I do is listen to my inner voice, whenever I start hearing negativity or losing my pain control center, I know it is time to do something to keep my brain and hands busy. When you keep your brain occupied with other thoughts long enough those other inner voices get quieter and quieter until you notice that even if you don't physically feel better, inside you feel pretty darn good and that is important. You don't have to have a workshop to do this. I also read books, play games, work on this website, meditate and cook comfort food dinners for my family, not to mention playing with my grandchildren. Make a list of things that you like to do and challenge yourself! Try or learn something new. The Red Church Thrift Shop has a whole alcove of crafting supplies. I love that place, it's like a perpetual Easter Egg hunt, I almost always find something new to putter around with for a tiny investment. Try it, with some practice you will find that your inner self is much more peaceful.

The second reason I am here is because of Christmas.  Most of us do not have enough money for presents and I certainly am on that list. The thing is I LOVE making Christmas for my family. In the restoration corner, sits an old rocking horse with the horrible pink paint stripped off and the scarey googley eyes, I just know the little ones will shine when they see it sitting under the tree all freshly painted and repaired. In my crafting corner sit twin wooden ornament boxes for my little neices. Hand milled soaps and homemade cinnamon rolls grace baskets for relatives and I have an urge to try my hand at woodburning. You never know what will come out of my workshop and neither do I.  I just have fun with it. I never know what I will be good at until I try and that is half the fun of it. Find your strengths and use them.

I would write more but I find myself short on time and longwinded in brain-words and that is the magic of the b-log I can come back anytime and write more so I'll close with the previous end of paragraph.

Whats for dinner?  Sloppy Joes, Spinnach and Cottage Cheese (takes a while to use up those tall Cottage Cheese containers but Picky loves the stuff)