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Help! It's Hot & My Butt is Chafing!

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Monday, June 11, 2012, In : Summer 
The hot weather of summer brings up new issues of making yourself as comfortable as you can so that you can enjoy some fun in the sun and the shade. Remembering my first summer in a chair, brings back some pretty extreme discomfort. That hot, black, non-breathable material that the seat of my chair is made of made any skin surface in contact with it, sweat and then chafe, not to mention sticking clothing to me as if I had sprayed my body with glue before dressing. With all that sweating and g...
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Summer Bucket List Update Check One

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, In : Summer 
Last night, I completed the item on my summer bucket list, "Speak to one group about this website".  To be honest, I already knew that I would be speaking. By writing it down, I pretty much sealed my escape hatches as I have always believed myself to be a "stay in the background" type of person and certainly not someone who could actually speak and be heard.  I went to this year's Parent Leadership Academy class and spoke to them about this website and giving back to the community or being a ...
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Sharon Jacobson I have kids, grandkids, a dog and a cat. I am also a mobility impaired person who happens to use a wheelchair to get around.

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