I have always found it hard to make "goals" for my life. As I am not a member of the Head Shrinking Society, I can only guess that I have a fear of failure and a goal means to set it in your mind and keep working at it until you have succeeded.  A Bucket List on the other hand, you can keep your entire lifetime, you can put things on or take them off without ever feeling that you have failed because it is more like a glorified dream shopping list.

Most of us have played the game of "What I Would Buy IF I Had A Million Bucks" Well a bucket list is sort of like that but you should list at least some things that could actually happen. Up till now, my bucket list has been in my head and it is time to put them into print, not only to share, but to also see about making some of them real and some of those things on my list, if I am able to do them then it is possible you can too!  So without too much more yakking on the subject, I will set to print, the things on my bucket list that I would like to work on this good season. (also known as Summer to the great unwashed)

1. Learn how to bowl from a chair.

2. Grow some plants outside.

3. Have a picnic in a place I haven't been before in my chair.

4. Make contact with Tuolumne City's, district Supervisor member about making our little town a bit more friendly for the physically impaired.

5. Speak to at least one group about this website and why it is here.

6. Finish painting my kitchen.

7. Do something new... By myself!

Okay I'm stopping now before I make the list too long and/or complicated and with complete understanding that life rarely goes as planned, therefore keeping my mind open to embrace whatever crosses my path in the meantime. 

Now it is Your Turn! Make those lists and put them in those buckets! (You can get a pretty good sand bucket at the dollar store for.... guess what? A dollar!)

Whats for dinner? Chicken? Garlic Taters and greenie beanies! MMmm!