The last two storms that came through here reminded me that it is time to get ready for winter. After last winter and spring where we had 3 major power outages, we need to be even more prepared then other folks. If you're like me, snow means instant homebound and I prepare accordingly. First lay in as much of a supply of non-perishable food stuffs as you can afford. I know that is hard concidering how much the government gives us to live on but do the best you can. If you can find transportation, hit every food bank and try to save the canned stuff. Next take stock of your batteries. All of them, Make sure you have batteries for a flashlight and radio (I have one crank powered flashlight and that thing was a blessing when we ran out of batteries though for light I also keep a kerosene lamp and tons of storm candles. If you use a power chair or scooter or equipment that has auxilliary batteries, make sure all spare batteries are fully charged at all times, which means don't let any one of them just sit, alternate usage and charging scheduals. Talk to your doctor about laying in a supply of extra medication in case you are stuck for a time and for pete's sake never let your medications run too low before getting refills. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, they can save your life if you only have electric heat. (Interfaith on Tuolumne Road usually takes blanket requests around this time of year) If you need blankets and cant get them from the churches, or Interfaith, email me I will find something for you. Check your first aide kit for possible restocking. Save some clean water jugs to fill from the tap for drinking. If your water is driven by pumps like we have in Ponderosa Hills or have a well, fill these when the power first goes out, before the water is gone from the pipes. And last the telephone... those lovely hand set phones that are so handy, especially to us... Alas do not work during a power outage and that could be the time when you need help the most. Get a corded phone, enough power is run through the phone lines to keep a corded phone operational. We got ours at WalMart for $5.00, believe me it is worth the investment. 

Well there! I know this stuff is kind of boring but when it comes to survival I must and will speak! Like I said contact me if you need help and I will do my best to find you some. I care about you.

Whats for Dinner?  Spaghetti Bake, Green Salad and Cottage Cheese