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The Two W's or Windows and Walls

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Friday, May 18, 2012, In : Miscl. 
On this subject... First to mind comes... YUCK!  Second, if there is any way possible, get someone else to do it.

If I didn't lose you in the opening statement then you are ready to try it for yourself so it's "on like Donkey Kong!" (That sure was a fun game back in the days of Super Nintendo.")  Anyhow let us talk a bit about supplies.

The Sponge Mop is your friend: Notice that when I talked about doing the floors last time, I didn't tell you to cut down the handle of your floor mop. The reaso...
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Spring Cleaning or Housekeeping 101

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Friday, May 11, 2012, In : Miscl. 
I am only calling it Spring Cleaning because I am talking about it in the Spring time. Cleaning house is one of my least favorite of things to spend my time and energy on, but alas it is most necessary and facing the matter head on, I do feel better when my house is clean... Well I should say cleaner, rather then dirtier. With a lot of us either cut or greatly reduced in the home care department thanks to budget cuts, and a legislature that listens to the squeakiest wheels that squawk the lou...
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Be A Bucket List Bunny!

Posted by Sharon Jacobson on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, In : Miscl. 
I have always found it hard to make "goals" for my life. As I am not a member of the Head Shrinking Society, I can only guess that I have a fear of failure and a goal means to set it in your mind and keep working at it until you have succeeded.  A Bucket List on the other hand, you can keep your entire lifetime, you can put things on or take them off without ever feeling that you have failed because it is more like a glorified dream shopping list.

Most of us have played the game of "What I Wou...
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